E2M COUTH is specialised in vision systems for the pharmaceutical sector. Our advanced technology and customised solutions are designed to transform the critical stages of production, from dosage to packaging, guaranteeing exceptional quality control at each step.

In understanding the specific needs of this industry, we focus on offering vision systems that not only meet, but rather exceed, the quality control stands in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Recognising the growing demand and vital importance of quality control and safety in medication and cosmetic product production, E2M COUTH strives to innovate in inspection technologies that make a difference. Our systems, specialised in automatic vial inspection and quality control for pharmaceutical containers, are the result of in-depth technical knowledge and a customer focus.

These are the vision systems for the pharmaceutical sector we have on offer:


In the dosing stage, every detail is crucial. Precision in this phase has a direct impact on the effectiveness and safety of the end product. In dosing, where every milligram counts,  Visiolevel plays a decisive role.

This system not only guarantees exact and precise dosing; its advanced technology adapts to a variety of liquids and conditions. With capacity to handle up to 120,000 BPH, Visiolevel is synonymous with efficiency and precision. It ensures that each products meets the most stringent pharmaceutical and cosmetic requirements.


The capping/closing/sealing phase is fundamental to protect product integrity. Proper sealing avoids contamination and guarantees product conservation.

In this critical phase, systems like Visiocap and Contourcap verify that caps and seals have been correctly applied. With capacity to handle up to 60,000 BPH and 90,000 BPH, these systems conduct detailed inspections, guaranteeing effective and safe sealing. This is essential for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.


Labelling plays a crucial role in providing information to the consumer and in regulatory compliance. Precision in this stage is vital to avoid errors that could have serious consequences.

Systems like Contourvision and Visiolabel inspect labels on non-oriented and oriented cylindrical containers, respectively. With capacity of up to 72,000 BPH, these systems ensure integrity and proper placement of labels, playing an essential role in quality control for pharmaceutical containers.


In the packaging phase, systems like Ebivision and Multistep are responsible for inspecting empty bottles and diverting defective products.

Ebivision complies with all safety standards and offers complete inspection, while Multistep provides a stable and silent rejection system. Both of them are crucial to guarantee that only products that meet quality standards reach market.

Bottle Fill Inspection

For non-translucent bottles, InspectLevel RF provides an innovative level inspection solution that can adapt to opaque containers. This system works without radiation and can handle up to 90,000 BPH, providing precise inspections, even when there are waves or foam.

Additionally, Flexiturn is essential for orienting containers on the line, guaranteeing a constant flow and that the bottles are handled correctly throughout the process. This compact, linear system guarantees gentle bottle handling, which is vital to maintain the product’s integrity and quality throughout the entire production line.

Verification of Text and Codes

The text and code verification stage is critical to ensure proper product identification and traceability. Verifytext plays a key role in this phase, inspecting 100% of the units produced.

This system guarantees exception precision in printing inspection with inkjet, pad printing, laser marking, and code revision, with a failure rate near zero. This is essential to maintain the integrity and reliability of information on pharmaceutical containers.

Rejection Systems

In the final phase of rejection systems, Proportional Rejection and Push Rejection provide effective, silent solutions to handle defective products.

These systems guarantee that any product that does not comply with quality standards will be efficiently removed from the production line, with capacity for up to 120,000 UPH. Implementing these systems is crucial to maintain product stability, avoid losses, and ensure total efficiency on the production line.

Each one of these E2M COUTH systems, from dosing to product rejection, has been meticulously designed to offer specific and effective solutions for the different stages of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic production process..

This integration of advanced technology not only guarantees the highest quality and safety for pharmaceutical products, but also meets and exceeds the stringent standards in the sector, raising expectations for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.

The integration of vision technology in quality control processes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry provides several benefits that transform and significantly improve production. With its advanced systems, E2M COUTH provides considerable value in multiple aspects:

Improved Inspection Precision

E2M COUTH’S systems provide detailed and precise inspection of products, which significantly reduces the likelihood of errors in production. This precision is crucial to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the pharmaceutical products and the quality of the cosmetics, especially with automatic vial inspection.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Automating quality control with vision technology leads to greater operational efficiency. This reduces inactivity time and increases production speed, which is vital to remain competitive on the market.

This is particularly relevant for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, where efficiency can have a direct impact on consumer health and well-being.

Regulatory Compliance

In highly regulated industries like the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, meeting regulatory standards is essential. E2M COUTH’S systems make it easy to meet these regulations. They provide detailed logs on inspections to audit and verify processes, which is essential for quality control for pharmaceutical containers.

Reduced Waste and Improved Sustainability

Since the detect defects efficiently and early during the production process, these system reduce material and product waste, contributing to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practises. This not only benefits the company, but also meets a growing demand for environmental responsibility in industry.

Improved Customer Experience

By guaranteeing only high-quality products reach the market, E2M COUTH helps companies to maintain and improve their reputation. In turn, this foments greater customer loyalty and trust in the brand, which are key elements for long-term success on competitive markets.

Adaptability and Versatility

Our vision systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry can adapt to a wide range of products and production processes. This makes them valuable for a variety of applications within both industries. This versatility guarantees that the E2M COUTH solutions are appropriate for a wide range of production needs and challenges.

Vision technology has become an essential component in quality control, not only improving the quality and efficiency of production processes, but also acting as key to guarantee safety and customer satisfaction.

On a market where precision is critical, E2M COUTH’S vision systems are indispensable tools. They provide comprehensive solutions that cover everything from detailed inspection to quality guarantee, which is essential to maintain high standards in a sector where safety and precision are crucial for public health.

A characteristic that sets our vision systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry apart is our focus on personalisation and consulting. Recognising that each customer has unique and specific needs, the company strives to provide customised solutions that perfectly adapt to the individual requirements of each project.

Adaptation to Specific Needs

These systems adapt to the specific needs of the sector, as we can see in the sections below:

  • Detailed Analysis: Before implementing a system, E2M COUTH conducts an exhaustive analysis on the customer’s production needs. This includes assessing current processes, identifying areas for improvement, and understanding the company’s specific objectives. This attention to detail is crucial for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Adapted Solutions: Based on this analysis, we design and develop vision systems that specifically adapt to the customer’s needs. This could include personalisation of functionality, adaptation to different kinds of products or containers, or integration with existing systems. This is essential for quality control with pharmaceutical containers.

At E2M COUTH, you will also receive the best service to get the right vision system:

  • Professional Consulting: We offer expert consulting to help customers to make informed decisions on which vision systems best adapt to their processes. This consulting is based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
  • Service: Beyond initial implementation, E2M COUTH provides ongoing support to make sure that the systems are working the best way possible.

Benefits of Personalisation and Consulting

These the benefits you will obtain with the personalisation and consulting we offer at E2M COUTH:

  • Process optimisation: With systems specifically designed for your production processes, customers can expect significant optimisation in terms of efficiency and quality.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Personalised solutions provide flexibility to adapt to future changes, whether these be new regulations, the introduction of new products, or expansion of production lines.
  • Improved ROI: By adapting systems to exact needs, E2M COUTH helps its customers to obtain a faster and more significant return on investment.

E2M COUTH stands out with its ongoing focus on innovation and technological development. This dedication to being on the cutting edge of technology is what keeps the company in a leading position in the field of vision systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Focus on Innovation

E2M COUTH works on researching and developing new technologies and methodologies. This innovative focus not only improves existing systems, but rather also explores new applications and emerging technologies.

using artificial intelligence and automatic learning in your systems provides a more in-depth analysis and greater adaptability to changes in production processes. This is essential for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.

Development of New Solutions

The company is constantly working to develop solutions that anticipate the market’s future needs. This includes systems that can adapt to new kinds of containers, products, and emerging quality standards. The adaptability and scalability of these systems ensures that they can work for a wide range of clients, from small companies to large multinational corporations.

Projection of Future Improvements and Trends

E2M COUTH not only meets the trends of today. It also projects and prepares for future demands and developments in the industry. Keeping abreast of technological progress and anticipating how this could impact and improve pharmaceutical and cosmetic production is crucial for automatic vial inspection and other key processes.





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E2M COUTH’s vision systems are an advanced fusion between technology and innovation, providing crucial solutions for quality control challenges in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

These systems not only raise quality standards and the safety of the product, but also optimise operational efficiency, guaranteeing sustainability and regulatory compliance.

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