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Inspection systems are intended to examine and measure a product’s features, as well as the components and materials it is made of. They can also be useful for evaluating a particular service or process, using measuring instruments, comparison standards, or testing equipment.


An orientation system is the perfect tool to make all the containers you produce face the right direction. These devices can turn each container 90, 180, or 270 degrees, so that they are placed in identical fashion.


On all production lines, quality is more than an indispensable requirement. Rejection systems are necessary to achieve said quality. There are many reasons why a product may be rejected, which is why E2M COUTH offers the best systems to help improve your production.


E2M COUTH has 30 years of experience manufacturing artificial vision inspection machines for quality control on production lines, with the objective of inspecting, orienting and rejecting 100% of products in real time.

E2M COUTH has a wide range of equipment mainly installed in the food and beverage sector for automatic packaging lines. Thanks to the flexibility of our solutions and the growing need to reduce costs from poor quality in the industry, we are constantly expanding to other sectors, such as chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles. This all means we achieve profitable growth and all our clients are satisfied.

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The implementation of E2M COUTH’s vision systems offer a number of benefits for companies and industries. These systems not only eliminate all quality control problems in the packaging process, but also allow you to see how production quality improves. Below are some of the ways a company can benefit from installing these systems:

They allow product quality to be increased, thanks to their detailed and precise inspection by the machines.

They increase productivity, because these systems can assess where and how problems occur so they can be fixed.

They allow a more precise quality control process. This means no high margin of error, as can be the case due to the visual limitations of operators.

Industries can reduce their low-quality costs. By increasing productivity and reducing losses, companies will be able to make better use of all their resources.

Achieving consistency and meeting all final product quality standards allows all consumer needs and expectations to be met. This is beneficial for future purchases they may make.

With the advent of technological advances, more and more tools are being deployed within many industries and companies. Despite all the tasks the human eye has conducted throughout history, it has been entirely replaced by artificial vision systems, with their precision and thoroughness.

These automated and fully intelligent methods provide accurate and detailed processing and analysis of all product images on a packaging line.

The inspection tools or inspection algorithms developed and included in the image analysis software developed by E2M COUTH enable our inspectors to detect all types of anomalies in your products.

This makes it possible to correct any type of problem following the set parameters. An ideal tool to inspect and review your products during the production process.

E2M COUTH has a wide range of integral solutions for inspection using artificial vision systems to guarantee the utmost quality on production lines. All our solutions are tailored for the beverage, food, pharmacy, cosmetics, automotive, and generally any other sector.

We at E2M COUTH are very aware of the application of vision systems at different times within the production line. They all serve a number of purposes to ensure utmost quality once the production process is complete. Below are the processes involved in our vision systems:

One of the most important tasks within an industry’s production line is to verify that products meet the required quality at all times. For this reason, we at E2M COUTH have a wide variety of artificial vision systems for in-line inspection, with both standard and special or custom solutions. They are adapted to all types of needs and industrial sectors.
Our inspection systems have a range of technologies:
  • 2D inspection systems.

  • 2D – 360 inspection system (label reconstruction).

  • 3D inspection systems (in 3 dimensions).

  • Visible spectrum inspection systems.

  • Infrared spectrum inspection systems.

  • Radio frequency inspection systems.

Another major function that takes place within the industrial manufacturing process is product orientation. This process basically consists of turning any containers that are not positioned correctly.

E2M COUTH has developed vision systems for orientation. They are able to detect the current position of the bottle and calculate the degrees of rotation required for the mechanical orientation system to turn the container.

However, the way the bottle or container is turned depends directly on the type of orientation required, which in turn depends on the type of packaging being used. E2M COUTH has an orientation system with two side bands, which is perfect for the orientation of bottles, jars, bottles, and vials, regardless of whether they are full or empty. It also works with circular and oval cans, plastic, and lids.

E2M COUTH can be found in all production processes within an industry. Companies are aware of the major losses that could take place if no quality control process or effective rejection system is in place.

All faulty containers on the line are diverted in a stable manner thanks to the rejection systems that complement the E2M COUTH vision systems. The result is a solution to reduce operational costs as well as to meet quality standards and requirements.

As you can see in our catalogue of vision systems for rejection, we offer three different solutions. One is our impact rejection systems, which will remove any type of faulty product from your production line with a single blow.

We also have the smooth push and bypass systems, which will gently divert faulty products and packaging down another path in the production line. This could be useful for re-working these products in the future.

Today, artificial vision systems can be applied in different areas, depending on the activities and needs of the production line of any industry. The use of this type of system is therefore closely related to the control and detection of anomalies in the assembly of product parts in areas such as the automobile industry.

Artificial vision systems are also essential for food quality control within the food and beverage sector. This type of system allows a great deal of control, such as the proper closure of containers, key to ensuring quality.

We can also see how vision systems are applied in other areas, such as electronics. In this case, the work of artificial vision systems is focused on assembling parts and welding them correctly. This is a job that requires very high level of accuracy that often cannot be performed by an operator.

The application of artificial vision systems is clearly essential in a wide range of industries. As a result, it has become a key part of the production sector of any industry. E2M COUTH offers you the best vision systems to ensure high productivity quality.

Artificial vision systems have become a key part of today’s largest manufacturing industries. The best way to ensure the utmost quality of your food, beverage, or other production is to implement vision systems that take care of these tasks.

New technologies enable us to verify how the production of companies can increase exponentially, thus ending the risks of faulty products thanks to these systems. This ensures that no factory will have to deal with possible poor quality product complaints, thanks to the work of these technological devices.

At E2M COUTH, we began working in the early 90s. Since then, we have not stopped offering the best vision system solutions to achieve the best results in your industry. If you have a factory and need to improve production, save money, and make faulty products a thing of the past, our vision systems are just for you.

These are key for the inspection, orientation, marking and, above all, the rejection of all damaged or poor-quality products.

If you’re thinking about trying our systems in your industry, contact us and we will help you choose the one that best fits your production line!

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