An orientation system is the perfect tool to make all the containers on your production chain face the right direction. These devices can turn each container 90, 180, or 270 degrees, so that they are placed in identical fashion. At E2M COUTH, we have high-quality orientation systems so that your products are positioned correctly and no defects or errors due to their position occur.

In the industry today, we can find containers with different shapes, geometries, and finishes to adapt to each of the product’s needs. Many of these containers have ergonomics to meet the product’s functions and needs.

Making different kinds of containers is normally related to a marketing strategy, with special labelling positions and asymmetries in the containers’ bodies. For this reason, in industries of this sort, in addition to the need to transport the containers one after another, they also require correct orientation.

The orientation systems we offer are the best option for your products to remain in the correct position on the production line. This means that all the processes the container undergoes take place perfectly and it keeps defects or errors from occurring.

Orientation systems have become an essential part of any industry where containers are produced. There are different reasons why these orientation systems must be available. They are:

When manufacturing containers with organic or ergonomic asymmetries.

If you wish to paste a label in a non-central position.

For containers with an off-centre neck and/or threaded cap when an orientation is required so it can go through a filler and capper correctly.

If required to place the cap or dosing pump in a specific direction. This is the case for spray bottles or bottles with a dispenser.

Containers that have semi-transparent windows to measure the level of liquid inside.

For orientation before “shrink/sleeve” labelling.

During the entire production process, the containers are not going to always remain in the same position. For this reason, they must be oriented before placing labels, caps, or being filled. Orientation systems ensure that your products are in perfect condition when they reach the customer’s hands.

In order to achieve correct container orientation, E2M COUTH has a great orientation belt system so that all your containers can be labelled, processed, and filled correctly. The orientation system we offer is Flexiturn.

This system has been designed to orient each container with the degrees you need. It stands out for being easy-to-install on a conveyor belt. Its design is robust, compact, and resistant, with minimum maintenance. You can also change out products and container formats quickly and easily.

Flexiturn is an orientation system that can identify different kinds of containers to orient or position them as needed on the production line. These containers may be full or empty since this does not interfere with its work.

It is able to analyse the position of the containers with smart artificial vision and calculate what is needed for proper positioning while in movement.

At E2M COUTH, we have the best systems so you can control the quality of your production line at all times. Product orientation is essential to prevent errors and defective products, which is why it is necessary for all industries that work with containers. At E2M COUTH, we want you to achieve the maximum efficiency possible in all your production processes.

Companies that make products on a non-stop production line with containers need to have an orientation system. Having equipment with these characteristics, such as the Flexiturn we offer at E2M COUTH, comes with a series of advantages. They are:


Decreased costs for lack of quality

One of the main advantages of the orientation systems available at E2M COUTH is that it means decreased costs for lack of quality. This is because, by controlling orientation of all the containers your produced, filling, labelling, and capping can be executed to perfection.

To the contrary, without an orientation system, you can see that many containers are not in the proper position when these processes occur. This can lead to errors, which might mean throwing away containers that were not correctly processed, which causes an unnecessary expense.


Time optimisation

Orientation systems are also the perfect tool for constantly optimising time. These systems can work on production lines at a certain speed. If you must conduct this action manually, it takes a great deal of time and staff to ensure that the containers you produce are properly oriented.

Time is a highly valuable element at any factory; for this reason, investing in orientation systems is essential. The Flexiturn orientation system can process up to 650 containers per minute.

Moreover, to make operators’ job easier, the interface that the device uses for control is highly intuitive. This means that it is possible to quickly configure what kind of orientation you want for your products without losing much time, all while attaining the best results.


Product uniformity

One of the goals of every company that works in manufacturing packaged products, like bottles, is for all the products to look exactly the same. With orientation systems, you can make all your products have a uniform appearance.

Orientation systems are perfect to achieve optimum performance in all processes on your production line, which is why you should always have a device with these characteristics.



The orientation systems we have at E2M COUTH, like Flexiturn, can perfectly adapt to the container’s different aspects. This makes it possible for the device to process and orient containers of different types, sizes, shapes, etc. The ergonomics or fissures on containers will not be an impediment for processing.

This means that many kinds of companies can take advantage of container orientation systems. You can configure software by adapting it to the shape of the container you need to process, so that you attain the orientation you are looking for and need for the product.

The Flexiturn orientation system can process bottles, jars, flasks, circular tins, vials, etc. What is more, it works with different materials, like glass and plastic, and it does not matter whether or not they are full or empty. It is also the perfect system to orient caps placed on containers.


It does not take up much space

Another one of the advantages of the orientation systems we have at E2M COUTH is that the equipment does not take up much space. This is because it integrates into the production line itself where, in addition to orienting the products, they take position and are placed for final processing.

It does not take up much space to add this kind of system. Flexiturn is definitely a very compact device that can be installed on the production line itself. It works with a two-belt system which, in a few short milliseconds, will place your container in the desired position.

At E2M COUTH, in addition to orientation systems, we also offer a wide range of solutions for each stage of the industrial process. Our goal is to improve the entire production process as a whole, so that at the end of the process, all of your products have an ideal appearance, as expected and desired by clients. These are the devices we offer to achieve correct processing for all your products:



At E2M COUTH, you can find a wide range of production line inspection systems for a wide range of needs. To this end, we have devices devoted to label inspection, product levels, cap inspection, glass bottleneck inspection, empty bottles, empty inspection, text inspection, etc.

With inspection systems, you can guarantee that all products with errors in labelling, filling, sealing and more are detected and corrected as soon as possible, making your production efficient.



One of the keys to all production lines is removing products with defects to keep them from reaching the client’s hands. At E2M COUTH, we have rejection systems that can remove all containers with anomalies to be reviewed or definitively tossed.

We have a push rejection system, designed for products that are not fragile and that must be immediately removed from the production line. We also have other rejection systems that operate with gentle bypass, creating a new row of products on the production line, separating them from the ones that are correct.

We have a wide selection of solutions for the industrial and product-manufacturing sectors. Our devices are versatile and can adapt to different sectors. For this reason, our systems can be used in the beverage, food, pharmacy, cosmetic, chemical product, and general industry sectors.

Orientation systems are essential on all production lines and, as you have seen, they can be adapted to different kinds of products.

E2M COUTH® has a wide range of orientation systems for all sectors at each phase in the industrial process:





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