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At E2M COUTH, we are experts in machine vision systems for different sectors, according to your specific needs. Beverage vision systems face a wide range of challenges, from the need for quality control to product safety concerns. Los sistemas de visión para bebidas son sistemas de inspección automatizados basados en tecnologías de imágenes como cámaras o escáneres, detectando cualquier fallo o error del envase, sea en posición, llenado o etiquetado, entre otros.






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Vision systems for beverages are increasingly used among industries specialising in this type of processing. These vision systems are very much needed thanks to their use of cameras and advanced software that can detect any defects in the packaging, which ensures consumer safety and improves production quality.

Defects in beverages are detected by capturing high resolution images of the packaging, which are analysed with the vision system’s software that uses advanced algorithms for processing graphic representations to detect any kind of imperfection, allowing beverage production companies to guarantee the quality and safety of their products before they are put on sale.

In short, these vision systems for beverages are a must-have, an essential technological tool in the sector allowing safety and quality standards to be met in detail.

As you are already aware, vision systems for beverages are essential for inspecting bottles, cans, or other beverage containers in real time. Here are the benefits of having this system:

  • Improved product quality: Detecting even the most minor defects in the bottles, such as scratches, stains and other flaws ensures that the final product delivered to the customer is top quality and has no defects that could compromise its taste or quality.
  • Increased efficiency: Beverage vision systems work much faster than manual observation and are also more effective. They do not require much human intervention, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks on the production line.
  • Food safety: These systems can detect foreign particles. They therefore ensure that the final product is free of all foreign objects or elements, and you can thus comply with food safety regulations.
  • Compliance with regulations: It helps businesses comply with government standards and regulations. This ensures that companies meet all requirements, avoiding fines and penalties.

E2M COUTH beverage vision systems are a type of technology used to control the quality of the different beverage containers on a production line. These systems use high-resolution cameras and specialised software to scan bottles as they move along the production line.

This software analyses images captured by the cameras to identify the unique characteristics of each bottle, such as its shape, size, colour, and label. his information allows beverage vision systems to be programmed to detect and reject bottles that are damaged or do not meet quality requirements. They can also process large quantities of bottles in a very short time, making them ideal for use on high-speed production lines.

The use of vision systems in the beverage industry presents a series of advantages that can improve the efficiency and quality of production processes. We are now going to look at some of them:

Quality inspection:

Vision systems can quickly and accurately detect bottles or any other type of packaging that is defective, such as any that are mislabelled, leaking, or broken, as we looked at earlier in this article. This makes it possible to ensure that only beverages that meet quality standards reach the market.

Cost reduction

Detecting defects more quickly means you can avoid the costs of repairing and replacing defective products. Vision systems can also optimise labour costs by automating tasks that previously required human input, freeing employees to focus on other important tasks on the production line.

Increased efficiency

Beverage vision systems have seen a breakthrough thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Inspections take place faster and more accurately, resulting in shorter production times and an improvement in productivity.


Beverage vision systems can play an important role in ensuring that products are safe for human consumption. They can also alert operators to allow them to take corrective action before beverages are distributed to consumers.

We at E2M COUTH offer excellent vision system solutions for beverages. These can adapt to all modalities and requirements within the beverage industry for all types of glass packaging, Tetra Pak, and cans, to name a few. These systems perform different functions. Some of these functions are:

Control of the filling of beverage containers

Container filling control is a critical process when producing packaged beverages, as it ensures that each package contains the right amount of liquid. This takes place using a weight control system that measures the amount of beverage added to each container and compares it to a previously established target weight.

Once each container is filled, a machine vision check is performed to ensure the proper fluid level and that there are no leaks or defects in the container. Containers that do not meet established quality standards are removed from the production line and properly treated.

Inspection of labelling of beverage containers

These beverage vision systems fulfil an important task, ensuring consumer safety and protection. The label on a beverage container is the first line of defence against potential hazards, providing valuable information about ingredients, calorie count, expiration date, and allergy warnings.

Various elements of the beverage packaging labelling are checked during the inspection, including the ingredient list, net content, expiration date, and nutrition and health claims. Inspection systems also check that the information on the labelling is correct and complies with local and national regulations. This allows a marking to be also carried out with the labelling to locate the product at all times.

We at E2M COUTH are a leading company in the design and manufacture of advanced systems for the processing of beverage containers. Our solutions are designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the packaging process. These systems are also highly customisable and are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

We aim to improve the production process as a whole, thus ensuring that customers receive all beverages in optimal condition. Below are the packaging processing systems that are specifically dedicated to beverages:


E2M COUTH offers a wide range of inspection systems in production lines, also suitable for use within the beverage industry. These can inspect labels, product levels, empty containers, text inspection, and much more.

These systems can detect any fault that takes place during the bottling process, including labelling, allowing it to be corrected, meaning your production has this added efficiency. These systems undoubtedly offer a wide variety of options for their use.


E2M COUTH also offers orientation systems. These are the perfect tool to ensure that all your packaging is placed in the right position on the production line. They are capable of moving each container 90, 180 or 270 degrees, thus ensuring that they are all in the same position and can be processed correctly. You can therefore ensure that you do not have to discard any product due to a faulty position of the container.


There are a series of products on any production line that must be separated whenever a problem or tare occurs. We at E2M COUTH offer rejection systems, capable of discarding any packaging that presents any type of anomaly. Once removed it can be reviewed to find out if it can be used again or if it is to be discarded.

E2M COUTH® offers a wide range of vision system solutions for beverage production lines at each phase in the industrial process:





Do you need a vision system?

E2M COUTH beverage vision systems are a practical and innovative solution. Like all our other equipment, they stand out for their major versatility that can adapt to their different sectors. These types of systems will help you prevent all kinds of problems, allowing you to ensure the required quality level for your production.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to introduce this technology in your production plant, or if you are interested in finding out more. We would be delighted to help you!

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