Since 1993, the year we began our activity, we have designed and manufactured both standard and customised machines, with multiple configurations, for main industrial sectors, as well as leading groups and companies in each one of them.

E2M COUTH® conducts activities to provide high-quality solutions and products to clients and users with artificial vision smart sensor needs.

This all means we have achieved profitable growth and can help to satisfy our clients, shareholders, and the people who are a part of the project, all within a context of environmental respect and social responsibility.

E2M COUTH Products

Our line includes different inspection, orientation and rejection solutions designed to control the quality of containers depending on the sector, material, and/or application.

As specialists in artificial vision technologies, we can custom design and manufacture special equipment based on each client or user’s techniques and needs.

E2M COUTH® has a wide range of vision system solutions for each packaging line at each phase in the industrial process.

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