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E2M COUTH specialises in different artificial vision systems adapted to many sectors, according to the needs to be covered. Our vision systems for chemicals are the perfect solution for product suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, such as detergents or other cleaning products, to allow them to have complete control of the packaging and deliver them properly. These type of vision system will allow companies to control the condition of each product leaving their plant, preventing filling or labelling errors or defects in packaging.



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The chemical industry, which specialises in the manufacture of cleaning products, detergents, and other similar items, also requires vision systems for quality chemicals, such as those we sell at E2M COUTH. These types of systems are very efficient, thanks to how they allow the control and inspection of the inside and outside of the containers.

These systems work using a series of spectral detection mechanisms, which are able to recognise elements that should not be in the packaging, as well as the correct amount of product, to allow it to reach the consumer in optimal conditions. To this end, our vision systems for chemicals use cameras, sensors and software configured to detect, analyse, and control all chemical packaging aspects.

You can control certain aspects of the physical attributes of the packaging, such as size, weight, product filling level and correct labelling, to name a few. Our vision systems for chemicals will also collect all the data, enabling you to draft detailed reports so that all manufacturers can control and improve the entire production process, making it more efficient.

Control within a chemical production plant, such as for cleaning products, is a very important aspect within the industry. These are the reasons why you should use E2M COUTH’s vision systems for chemicals:


Total inspection of the packaging

One of the most relevant uses of vision systems for chemicals is packaging inspection. Our equipment allows you to identify and detect any type of problem in bottles, boxes, and other containers for chemical substances. Our systems enable you to detect problems such as mislabelling, packaging orientation, and product quantity or improper sealing, to name a few.


Product control throughout the production line

Another key aspect within any industry, such as those specialised in the production of detergents and other chemicals, is checking that the entire product is in good condition. This would include the proper labelling of the products, stipulating the product distribution areas and other aspects related to their traceability. This allows you to have control over your products at all times.

Every production plant requires machine vision systems to allow them work in the most effective way. Any company involved in the manufacture of different chemicals, such as detergents, dishwashers and other cleaning products needs their articles to be processed correctly.

Our vision systems for chemicals are very effective thanks to being composed of cameras and visual sensors (hardware), which enable the proper analysis of the product’s condition, with the combination of the intelligence integrated in our solutions (software). It just requires setting a few parameters for the system to follow before it starts its thorough analysis to check the proper condition of the product.

The different parameters that can be controlled in our vision systems for chemicals include the amount of filling of the containers, their proper closure, orientation, and many more. This allows the system to be able to evaluate the different features of the products in a non-intrusive way through a series of captures and the processing and analysis of the images of these packages.

Below are the benefits of implementing E2M COUTH’s vision systems for chemicals within your production plant:



One of the main advantages offered by our vision systems for chemicals is how they adapt to different production lines, being able to carry out different tasks. This system can be fully configured to measure the features and aspects, depending on the chemical that you are producing in your sector.



Whenever you purchase a vision system for chemicals, you are striving to achieve a thorough and quality analysis of your products in your production line. Our systems are built to offer maximum performance and reliability during your work. This way, your customers will receive your products in perfect condition by the time your products leave the production plant.

Our systems will assist you as a company to compete on today’s markets, where quality is the most important aspect of a product, and any mistake can have a very costly impact on future sales.



Another advantage of our vision systems for chemicals is how they work quickly, which will ensure that your production does not suffer delays of any kind. The analysis performed by these systems takes place in real time and can adapt to high production volumes with no issues.

We at E2M COUTH are very clear on how important time is for a production line. The loss of two seconds per product, for example, would result in a significant reduction in production. Our systems ensure that no production speed is reduced, and the quality will be assured at all times.



Chemical vision systems also have the advantage of being able to adapt to any production line. They can be therefore installed next to the machinery on your production line. Your staff also do not need to be specially trained to use this machinery, thanks to being designed with auxiliary calculation systems, which perform the most complex part of the whole process.



One of the keys to every production line, regardless of the product, is maintaining a good level of safety. Our vision systems for chemicals allows you to detect any failure or error regarding packaging for chemicals. This gives you the assurance that every product that comes out meets the established quality parameters.


Waste reduction

One of the keys to E2M COUTH’s vision systems for chemicals is how it enables that no error detected ever occurs again. This therefore allows you to reduce your waste by minimising defective products that may be detected during production.

The correct processing of packaging is essential within any production plant, regardless of the type of product. This is key for total control over the quality of all the items leaving the plant. Our solutions can adapt to the different production process stages.

Our goal is for every company specialising in the manufacture of products to be able improve their entire process as a whole. This means their customers receive their products in perfect condition.

Below are the packaging processing systems provided by E2M COUTH:



E2M COUTH offers a wide range of inspection systems for production lines, which can also be applied within the chemical sector. These systems are perfect for performing a thorough inspection of labels, product levels, empty packaging, text revision, and many other aspects.

All errors can be detected by these systems during the entire packaging process, including labelling, thus enabling it to be corrected before it leaves the factory. This will have a big improvement in your production quality and efficiency.



Other equipment also available at E2M COUTH are orientation systems. These are the perfect tool to ensure that all the containers on your production line have the same orientation and placement. Our orientation systems are capable of moving each container 90, 180, or 270 degrees, thus ensuring that they are all in the same position and can be processed correctly.



Any product with an error or issue must be withdrawn from a production line, regardless of the type of product or sector. E2M COUTH’s rejection systems are capable of disposing of any packaging or chemical that presents an issue. This means the product can be reviewed, seeing whether the problem can be solved, or it must be withdrawn completely.


Below are some of the rejection systems that you can find in our catalogue:

Impact: Intended for products that are resistant and must be removed immediately from the production line.

Gentle bypass: In this case, products that are more delicate or fragile will be gently separated, thus creating a parallel line to the production with any items that are separated.

Machine vision systems have become a fundamental part of any production line that strives for quality in its production. The improvement of processes has allowed many companies take a leap into the future, using artificial vision for the inspection and review of different aspects of the product, ensuring that it leaves the plant in perfect condition.

E2M COUTH® offers a wide range of vision system solutions for chemical production lines at each phase in the industrial process:





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All our machine vision devices stand out with their extensive versatility. This means you can find them in many different sectors, such as chemical products. Implementing this type of system on your production line will put an end to issues such as improper filling, mislabelling, foreign elements or mislabelling, a must on the current market.

If you are thinking of taking the leap and improve the quality of all processes at your plant, including these systems, please contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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