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At E2M COUTH, we are specialised in artificial vision systems adapted to different sectors, based on specific needs. Vision systems for food are designed so that manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of this kind of product can offer precise control during the delivery process for food packages to clients. These systems are essential for keeping food packages from leaving the plant in poor condition, with improper labelling, with incorrect weight, or many other issues.



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Vision systems for food have grown increasingly common in industries devoted to food products. We can see that many of these systems have the ability to inspect both the inside and the outside of packages. This type of system has spectral detection mechanisms, which have the ability to recognise elements that could jeopardise client health or affect the final quality of the product, all in a non-invasive way


These vision systems for the food industry use cameras, sensors, and specific software to detect, analyse, and control all elements for producing and handling food packages. With this, vision systems for food can analyse the package’s physical attributes, such as size, weight, fill level, labelling, etc.


These systems are also capable of collecting all data to conduct detailed reports so that producers and distributors can control, analyse, and improve the process as a whole. If you decide to install this sort of system, you will be able to comply with safety and quality regulations established by the food industry.

Vision systems for food offer a series of solutions within the food industry. They are:


Package inspection

This is one of the most common uses of vision systems for food within the industry. With these devices, you can detect all flaws on bottles, tins, packages, etc. This includes improper sealing, containing more quantity of product, container orientation, and other aspects.

Detecting foreign objects

This sort of problem does not occur frequently, but it can provoke a series of serious consequences for any food company. With vision systems for food, you can exhaustively verify that no foreign object has fallen into the container, upping your food safety and quality.

End product control

Vision systems for food also act to review and verify proper labelling, distribution zones, and other aspects related to product traceability. This means that when the product leaves the factory, it can be traced at all times.

The vision systems that E2M COUTH offers play an essential role at any production plant. Companies that process and package food need to process food quickly, but while still guaranteeing a top level of quality.

The systems that we have at E2M COUTH normally have cameras and visual sensors (hardware) to constantly record the condition of the product to be analysed, thanks to the intelligence built into our solutions (software). This way, by establishing a series of parameters to follow, the device can act and analyse all the products, based on what has been established based on production criteria.

Some of the parameters can be how full the packages are, whether they are properly closed, the amount of product on trays, and more. These systems normally work by taking, processing, and analysing images of the food containers. This facilitates non-destructive evaluation of different product characteristics. The entire process is essential and necessary for food companies to ensure a high quality level in production.

With vision systems for food, you can make the most of a series of advantages within your industry. They are:



With vision systems for food, you can totally analyse all products in a reliable way. This makes it possible for you to guarantee that all food containers that leave production always have the proper settings, thereby guaranteeing their quality, such as labelling, weight, condition, etc.

This is a highly beneficial aspect for all food companies to compete on today’s markets, where quality is an essential element for success. A huge part of this depends on containers being in the right condition.



Another one of the great advantages of having a vision system for food is these devices’ ability to adapt to the task at hand. They can be configured to measure a huge amount of characteristics and parameters, depending on the kind of food you produce.

With this, you can supervise aspects like container fill, the presence of foreign objects, container orientation, and other aspects. To this end, depending on the company’s production line, raw material, or container type, you can choose one out of the different vision systems for food.



The vision systems for food you can find at E2M COUTH stand out because they are flexible. They can be simply installed next to the machinery already present in the production plant. Moreover, to control this kind of system, you do not need any experts to use them, because they have auxiliary calculation systems that conduct all the most complicated part of the analysis.



Another benefit that you can reap with vision systems for food is that there are no delays with the quality inspection for all products. All analyses are conducted in real time, easily adapting to very high production volumes.

Time is one of the most valuable elements on any production line, so with this kind of system, which operates at a high speed, you can guarantee end quality without causing any sort of delay.



With vision systems for food, you can detect any problem or error that occurs with the different food containers at all times, as well as when being filled. This way, you will have a greater degree of safety at your production plant and can be sure that none of your products will leave in improper condition or with flaws, such as wrong labelling, from your production plant.


Waste reduction

Vision systems for food can also be perfect to control all defects in your products. They can also be essential for detecting possible flaws that repeat, which will help you as a company to resolve the issue. By maintaining good quality and resolving possible flaws on the production line, you will see how you reduce waste and improve the general quality of the product.


This can also mean that the company saves money. By properly analysing all the food containers, you can avoid problems related to products coming in that are unsuitable for sale to the end consumer. This way, you can avoid the economic losses related to your products or your brand image.

At E2M COUTH, we offer excellent vision system solutions for food. They adapt to all formats and needs within the food sector, such as tins, ready-made dishes, slices, trays, preserves, etc. These systems can adapt to different kinds of containers and conduct different functions. Some of these functions are:


Control over food container fill

At all food production plants, containers must be filled. To ensure that this filling procedure is as correct as possible, the vision systems for food we have at E2M COUTH are able to inspect the container’s orientation and position, as well as whether it is totally clean at the moment of filling.

This way, you can also control filling so that each container leaves the plant with the right amount of product. With this part, you can also detect all kinds of foreign objects that may have fallen into the containers. Additionally, you can control aspects like proper container closure, to preserve the product’s good condition when it leaves the factory.


Label inspection of food containers

The vision systems for food that we have available are also essential to guarantee that the containers do not have any defects. You can ensure that labels have been properly printed and placed, control positioning, inspect the batch code and date, and more.

This way, all the products that come out of your production plan will have a top level of quality, having cared for filling, placement, and labelling, correctly and at all times.

At E2M COUTH, we have the best vision systems for food that all food companies should have at their production plant to ensure strict quality control for each one of the products that they make. We also offer a wide range of solutions for each stage of the industrial process that can be adapted to different sectors.

Our objective is to improve the production process as a whole, thereby obtaining products with the best appearance when they reach the consumer’s hands. These are the container processing systems you can find at E2M COUTH:



At E2M COUTH, you will find a wide range of inspection systems for the production line, also recommended for use within the food industry. These can inspect labels, product levels, empty containers, text inspection, and much more.

Any error occurring during the packaging process, including labelling, will be detected by these systems to be corrected, making your production more efficient. These systems undoubtedly offer a wide variety of options for their use.



The orientation devices we offer at E2M COUTH are the perfect tool to make it possible for all your containers to be properly placed during the production line. They are capable of moving each container 90, 180, or 270 degrees, so they are all placed the same way and can be properly processed.



There are a series of products on any production line that must be separated whenever a problem or tare occurs. At E2M COUTH, you can find rejection systems that can reject any container or product with any kind of anomaly. Once removed it can be reviewed to find out if it can be used again or if it is to be discarded.

One of our rejection systems is a push rejection system, designed for products that are not fragile and that must be immediately removed from the production line. Another rejection system you will see is the gentle deviation system, for fragile products. It creates a new row and separates them from the correct ones.

E2M COUTH® offers a wide range of vision system solutions for food production lines at each phase in the industrial process:






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You should know that all our devices stand out, thanks to their great versatility. They can adapt to different sectors, like the food industry. This kind of system will help you to avoid all problems due to contamination, loss, improper filling, and improper labelling of the product.

If you would like to introduce this technology into your food industry or would like further information, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you!

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