Product packaging inspection systems

Within any industry that is dedicated to the manufacturing of products, packaging is one of the most important parts to ensure its final quality. E2M COUTH offers a broad variety of artificial vision systems, such as packaging inspection systems, which are highly effective in analysing and ensuring an excellent level of quality in your packaging, key to its delivery to the end customer.

Packaging inspection systems are designed as an advanced technology that relies on Intelligence and artificial vision to carry out the evaluation and analysis of each product packaging in an industrial environment. The aim of these systems is to guarantee the quality of each of the packaging, thus allowing any type of damage or issue to be detected meaning that said product cannot be delivered to customers in poor condition.

These types of systems can be easily integrated into production lines and use cameras to capture detailed images of packaging in real time. This artificial vision inspection technology works through sophisticated algorithms that analyse these images, allowing patterns, colours, shapes and any other notable aspect to be identified.

VISIOBOX, the product packaging inspection system available at E2M COUTH, is a turnkey system, installed before the palletising system. This system has a wide variety of advantages, such as high-performance production, with up to 10,000 BPH. This system is very easy to install on the existing conveyor, with a robust, compact and resistant design.

Main features of VISIOBOX

Below are the main features of the VISIOBOX product packaging inspection system:

  • Comes with a colour or black and white camera, with high resolution images.
  • Offers a wide variety of formats for inspection.
  • Its 3D sensors, with micrometric regulation support.
  • Control cabinet made of stainless steel and 17-inch screen.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Remote control of the system via internet and remote diagnosis.
  • Adjustable parameters and tolerances for each format.
  • Production statistics in real time.
  • Automatic height adjustment.
  • Software capable of managing rejection and external inspection signals.

Find out the options available for the VISIOBOX packaging inspection system

Below are the packaging processing systems provided by E2M COUTH:

  • VISIOBOX – V: This packaging inspection system stands out due to using a B&W or colour azimuthal camera to inspect the box and/or its contents with visible light. This system can have additional side cameras for inspection of logos, labels and defects. It is perfect for any type of packaging, and can analyse any size, colour, orientation, presence/absence of containers and caps, box format, and many other aspects.
  • VISIOBOX – S: This system uses a scanner that projects a laser onto the movement box, allowing a 3D model of the assembly to be obtained. Comes in two models, standard and low-cost, depending on the resolution required. It is perfect for use with plastic containers, as well as those with caps, on high-speed lines.
  • VISIOBOX – T: Finally, the other packaging inspection system that we have available at E2M COUTH uses a TOF (Time of Flight) camera, with built-in NIR (Near Infra-Red) infrared lighting. This sensor model, apart from capturing an image, stands out for being capable of taking height measurements through the propagation time of light, enabling it to create a 3D model of the packaging box. This system is very helpful to be able to check the presence or absence of plastic containers, or any type of containers with a lid. It checks that the height of the containers is within the required range.

Below are the benefits that you will obtain at your factory by choosing the packaging inspection systems available at E2M COUTH:

Guaranteed quality

The packaging inspection systems offered by E2M COUTH are backed by advanced machine vision algorithms, offering unrivalled quality assurance. These types of systems have a fairly high level of precision, which makes it possible to detect the smallest imperfections, which will ensure that each of the products that leave your plant are in the utmost conditions by the time they are received by customers.


Automating packaging inspection not only improves quality but is also key to operational efficiency. These systems can process a large volume of products in real time, which will make it possible to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Cost reduction

Using the packaging inspection systems that we have at E2M COUTH are ideal for reducing non-quality costs in the long term thanks to how they identify and are able to rectify and eliminate problems that can proactively reduce the quality of products. Preventing defective type products before reaching the end consumer will not only save resources but is also the best protection for your brand.

Regulatory Compliance

In an increasingly regulated business environment, it is essential to be up to date on all standards and regulations. Our packaging inspection systems are fully designed to meet and exceed these standards, which will give you great peace of mind that all products leaving your plant meet the minimum quality standards by the time they are in your customers’ hands.

Below are the industries in which the product packaging systems offered by E2M COUTH can be applied:

Food industry

Product packaging systems are key within the food industry to ensure that the safety and quality of products is maintained in the best condition. These systems are key to detecting contaminants and complying with labelling regulations.


Precision is a key point in the pharmaceutical industry due to the excellent filling, and excellent quality labelling and packaging required. Inspection systems, such as those we offer at E2M COUTH, are essential to meet the standards of this type of industry.


Our packaging inspection systems are relevant within the logistics sector to ensure that all products reach their destination in perfect condition, which will considerably reduce returns and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Artificial vision systems are present at many times within a production line, the reason why we offer such a wide variety of artificial vision solutions:


This system meets one of the main missions within any production line, namely checking that all products have the quality required for sale. We offer the solutions dedicated to inspection on the line, as well as for special sizes or that require precise measurement. They are capable of adapting to the needs of the industry. The following solutions are contained in these systems:

  • 2D inspection systems.
  • 2D- 360 inspection system (label reconstruction).
  • 3D inspection systems (in 3 dimensions).
  • Visible spectrum inspection systems.
  • Infrared spectrum inspection systems.
  • Radio frequency inspection systems.


Another system that meets one of the major functions that needs to be performed within any industrial process where packaging is used is product orientation. What this process does is rotate them so that they can be in the correct position allowing them to be filled optimally and thus reducing errors.

E2M COUTH’s vision systems for orientation allow the current position of the container to be detected, thus calculating the degrees of rotation that will be needed, in order to have a mechanical system that can make said rotation. This system will be able to rotate the bottle or container 90, 180, 270 degrees. Our system has two side bands, which is ideal for the orientation of bottles, jars, flasks and vials, regardless of whether they are full or empty.


Another process that must be covered in an industrial plant is the rejection of any products that do not pass quality standards. This is the best way to ensure quality in each of the products, the reason why these solutions allow any products that do not meet these standards to be separated.

These are key to reducing operational costs, as well as ensuring that standards and quality requirements must be met. Our rejection systems include our deviation or impact rejection ones The first of these are perfect for products that are not fragile, since they are removed from the production line for just a single blow.

There are also ones that reject products through deviation, creating a line parallel to that of correct products to allow them to be analysed later on to check if these can finally be corrected for their subsequent sale.


Another of the great artificial vision systems that you can find at E2M COUTH are those dedicated to marking your products. This process is essential to ensure that each product leaving a plant can be easily located. It allows the batch to be easily located in the event of any issue that occur with the products. The system guarantees the traceability and quality of the final product.

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Find the best packaging inspection systems at E2M COUTH

The packaging inspection systems that we have available at E2M COUTH are a key part of any 21st century company. These systems allow each product that leaves your plant to be of the required quality. We also offer other solutions, such as those dedicated to the orientation, rejection or marking of products, to ensure an excellent level of quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about packaging inspection systems, our team would be delighted to help you.