Fill level inspection systems

The fill process is a key moment in the production process, since it can lead to losses if you do not have quality fill level inspection systems like the ones we have available at E2M COUTH. They can ensure that no product leaves with too much or too little than stipulated by the system.

The fill inspection system we have available in our catalogue is VISIOLEVEL, which works with artificial vision. This can offer high performance on the production line, and can use 1 or 2 cameras, depending on the model and your plant’s needs.

Bottles and other containers quickly go through the inspection area, where you can capture an image of the neck and cap or lid to detect any flaws, errors, or deviations.

These are the main characteristics of this fill inspection system:

  • VISIOLEVEL has a robust, compact, and resistant design.
  • Easy installation on pre-existing belt.
  • You can quickly change the product format and type. You can adjust the height of the inspection bridge when changing format with a linear actuator.
  • Its interface is fairly intuitive.
  • It has different parameters and tolerances adjusted for each format.
  • You can remotely control it online.
  • You can see production statistics in real time.
  • It does not require much maintenance.

As you saw in the previous section, the fill level inspection system we have at E2M COUTH is fairly efficient and easy to use. As follows, we provide you with an overview of how this kind of system works:

Container detection

The process begins when a full container reaches the inspection station. This can be a bottle, a tin, a jar, or any other kind of container used in the specific industry.

Fill level measurement

The E2M COUTH inspection systems use artificial vision cameras that take images of the product in the container and use algorithms to calculate the fill level based on the height of the product in the image.

Comparison with standards

The data obtained are compared with previously defined standards to determine whether the fill level meets specifications. These standards may be established according to governmental regulations, industry standards, or the company’s own specifications.

Corrective actions

If the system detects any containers that do not meet standards, it can take different corrective actions, such as stopping the production line, adjusting the fill speed, activating an alarm, or rejecting the defective container.

Logging data and documentation

Each inspection is exhaustively logged and documented. This includes the fill level measured, the date and time of inspection, and any corrective action taken. This documentation is essential for traceability and the quality audit.

Fill level inspection systems can be used in different industries, including:

Food industry

In the food industry, guaranteeing that containers with products like sauces, oils, beverages, and tinned products are filled precisely is essential to comply with regulations and make the customer happy. Moreover, this helps to avoid wasting costly products.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, precision in filling medications and medical products is critical for patient safety and regulatory compliance. Inspection systems guarantee that each unit has the proper amount of product.

Chemical and cleaning product industry

Products such as detergents, industrial chemical products, and cleaning products must be filled with precision to avoid risks and guarantee proper use. Inspection systems avoid spillage and dosing issues.

Beverage industry

In producing carbonated beverages, beer, and other bottled drinks, consistency in the feel level is essential for quality and the consumer experience. Inspection systems avoid under- and over-filling bottles.

Fill level inspection systems offer a series of significant benefits for companies that use them. These benefits go beyond simply measuring the fill level in containers; they also have a direct impact on the quality of the product, production efficiency, and profitability. As follows, we tell you about the key benefits of fill level inspection systems:

Fill precision

The most obvious and crucial benefit of fill level inspection systems is the guarantee that the containers are filled with a precise amount of product. This ensures that products meet established quality and content specifications, avoiding both over- and under-filling.

Compliance with regulations and standards

In many industries, there are strict regulations that govern the amount of product that each container should have. Fill level inspection systems ensure that these companies comply with regulations, avoiding legal sanctions and compliance issues.

Reduced material waste

Avoiding errors, such as overfilling, means that companies do not waste expensive product and containers. This translates to substantial savings on materials and production costs. The fewer mistakes, the lower the cost.

Economic savings

Early detection of fill problems allows the company to take corrective measures before huge amounts of defective products arise. This can help save the cost of filling again, re-processing, and product returns.

Improved efficiency in production

Automated fill level inspection systems work continuously and quickly, which improves the efficiency of the production line. This can increase production capacity and reduce bottlenecks.

Traceability and data log

Each inspection is logged and documented in detail, so that companies can totally track the quality of the product over time. This is essential for traceability and documentation in the event of regulatory audits.

Improved product quality

By guaranteeing that each container has the right amount of product, the end product’s quality improves. This increases customer satisfaction and protects the brand’s reputation.

Reduced risks to health and safety

In sectors like pharmaceuticals and food, guaranteeing that products are filled with precision is critical for consumer health and safety. Fill level inspection systems are crucial for avoiding incorrect or dangerous doses.

Process optimisation

By proactively detecting and correcting fill issues, companies can identify areas for improvement in their production processes. This leads to greater efficiency and improved general performance in production processes.

Customer satisfaction

Consistent products in terms of fill level offer a more reliable experience to customers. Consumers trust products that always meet their quantity and quality expectations.

Competitiveness on the market

Companies that can offer products with a constant and precise fill level have a competitive advantage on the market. This can translate to increased sales and higher market share.

The fill level inspection systems we have at E2M COUTH offer the best analysis quality. In our catalogue, you can see that we have different systems for container and product processing, such as:

Orientation systems

During the processes conducted as a production plant, containers can be moved or change position. This can be a big problem, because while filling, this movement can be done wrong and cause problems. For this reason, orientation systems are fundamental devices at factories.

This way, any container, no matter the size or shape, can be oriented to stay in the right position. This system can rotate any container 90, 180, or 270 degrees. This system plays a key role in label pasting and for properly filling and capping containers.

Rejection systems

Defective articles or containers can arise at any production plant that must be removed from the production line to keep them from reaching the customer’s hands. At E2M COUTH, we have high-quality rejection systems that can analyse all the products coming through and remove any with issues from the line.

We can find two types of these systems: Blow rejection systems, perfect for products that are not fragile. This system delivers a blow and removes any product with defects from the production line. We also have the gentle diversion rejection system for more delicate products. This system removes the product and creates a parallel line. This way, you can analyse the products that have been removed to see if they can be recovered or must be definitively disposed of.

Inspection systems

The inspection systems we have at E2M COUTH are perfect for covering different needs. These systems can inspect labels, product levels, cap, glass bottles, empty bottles, text, and more.

When you use these systems, you can guarantee control and safety, and also detect any problems with labelling, filling, sealing, and more. This way, you make your production more efficient.

Marker systems

Another one of the systems available at E2M Couth are  marking systems. This kind of system is in charge of marking products so that you can find them later. Can you imagine if a problem arises with a production batch? Well, this kind of system means you can quickly locate the incorrect batch or product.

The marking systems we have available work with a laser, which can mark and encode a wide variety of containers so you can find them quickly and easily.

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Find the best fill level inspection systems at E2M COUTH

Artificial vision systems are a fundamental part of production plants today and can cover different needs, such as the fill level inspection systems we have at E2M COUTH. These devices are versatile and can adapt to a wide variety of containers, whether for beverages, food, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, or other.

With this kind of system, no product leaving your production plant will be under- or overfilled, which would affect the end quality and image you give to your customers. In addition to being easy to use, these systems can adapt to a wide variety of products, thus providing the best results.

Do you need to improve processes at your production plant? Then you should get one of the artificial vision systems we have at E2M COUTH, which can do everything from eliminating defective products to verifying that quality remains intact throughout all the processes. Additionally, if you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.