360º artificial vision label inspector for all kinds of non-oriented cylindrical containers.


• Beverages
• Food
• Chemicals
• Pharma & cosmetics


• label integrity inspection
• code inspection and traceability
• High-performance production, up to 72,000 BPH.
• No need to orient the containers.
• Allows multiple labels to be saved for 1 container format
• Self-learning
• Easy installation outside of the labeller on pre-existing belt.
• Fast and easy format change.
• Robust, compact, and resistant design.
• Minimum maintenance.
• 3D container reconstruction technology
• Inspection without contact with the product
• Scalable configuration
• High precision (low false rejection)
• MES or ERP connectivity
• Real-time inspection behaviour data and graphs.
• Inspection report module
• User-level software configuration
• Label integrity (wrinkles or breakage)
• Label position (horizontal, vertical, inclination)
• Alignment between labels
• Absolute and relative distances between labels
• Double labelling or label on neck
• Raised tips
• Inverted label
• Label identification
• OCR/OCV character validation
• Bar code or 2D identification and reading.
• Traceability
• Dirty container
• Wrap-around labels, sleeve, or screen-printed containers
• Presence of cap and breakage
• Presence and alignment of engravings or relief

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