Empty container inspection systems

The quality and safety of products is a fundamental aspect at all industrial plants. This is the only way you can earn the trust of consumers and meet regulatory standards. The empty container inspection systems we have at E2M COUTH can guarantee that the containers you use in the food, beverage, chemical product, and other industries, meet the highest quality standards.

EBIVISION is equipment that inspects the walls, bottom, and height of containers (bottles, flasks, tins). The different technical aspects this system can detect are side walls, foreign objects adhered to the container itself, the bottom of the container, and the presence of other foreign objects.

This system stands out because it can inspect correctly, without losing that touch of efficacy, glass containers of any colour, provided that are translucent, or made of other materials like plastic and metal. Moreover, this inspection is not affected by the container revolving since the image takes 90º images. The main advantages that this system offers is that it is the most complete system, and also meets with and exceeds all safety standards required in the industry.

This system is also very easy to install on the conveyor. Additionally, maintenance is minimum. One of this system’s main features is that it can be installed on a section less than 800 mm on the conveyor. The maximum speed for this system is 90,000 BPH, with low processing. However, the typical speed is 60,000 BPH.

It is designed with a highly intuitive interface, as well as the possibility of controlling the equipment via the Internet and the option of remote diagnosis. It also has a 17″ screen, as well as software that can manage rejection and external inspection signals. This equipment is excellent in quality, with its entire exterior made of stainless steel, giving it that extra touch.

The empty container inspection systems we have at E2M COUTH are an essential tool within a wide variety of industries to verify the state of containers for your products. These are the industries where you need a system like this one:

Food industry

In the food industry, safety and quality are top priority. Empty container inspection systems guarantee that the containers used for food are free from defects that could compromise the product’s freshness and safety. This is especially critical for perishable foods, where contamination or air entry could accelerate degradation.

Beverage industry

Whether producing carbonated drinks or bottling water, juices, and other drinks, the containers must be in perfect condition. Empty container inspection systems detect defects like cracks, dents, or leaks that could ruin the quality and consumer experience.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The precision and integrity of containers are critical in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, where chemical products and medications can be dangerous if not appropriately stored and transported. Empty container inspection systems guarantee that the containers are in perfect condition without contamination before being filled with chemical substances or medications.

Cosmetic and personal hygiene industry

In this industry, the appearance and aesthetic are essential. Empty container inspection systems identify imperfections in flasks, bottles, and tubes that could affect the appearance of the end product. This is crucial to maintain the quality of beauty and personal hygiene products.

For any industrial plant that works with containers, they need empty container inspection systems for exhaustive control over the entire production. We will tell you why these systems are important:

Quality and safety guarantee

In the food, beverage, and chemical industry, the integrity of containers is essential. A defective container can lead to spillage, product contamination, loss of content and, most importantly, risks to consumer safety. Empty container inspection systems are fundamental to detect defects like cracks, dents, leaks, and contaminants before the containers are filled with product.

Regulatory compliance

Each industry is subject to strict regulations in terms of food safety, the purity of chemical products, and the quality of beverages. Empty container inspection systems play a fundamental role in helping companies to comply with these standards. Early detection of defective containers guarantees that the products meet legal and regulatory standards.

Brand protection

Consumer trust is an invaluable asset for any industry. A defective product on the market can harm the brand’s reputation and lead to the loss of customers. Empty container inspection systems help companies to maintain the quality and safety of their products, all while protecting their brand’s image and customer loyalty.

Having empty container inspection systems at an industrial plan provides a series of significant benefits that have an influence on the quality of products, consumer safety, and operative efficiency.

Below, you can see the main benefits of implementing this kind of system at your production plant:

Increased food safety

In the food industry, safety is of the utmost importance. These systems help to prevent food contamination by detecting defective containers that could allow harmful microorganisms to enter. This significantly reduces the risk of food-borne illness.

Reduced waste and rejection

By identifying defective containers before filling them with product, waste and rejected products after filling are significantly reduced. This leads to substantial cost savings and improved production efficiency.

Improved operative efficiency

Early detection of defective containers avoids the need for reworking and reduces inactivity times. This increases operational efficiency and allows the industrial plant to operate more fluidly and profitably.

Protection of brand reputation

The presence of defective products on the market can seriously harm a company’s reputation. Empty container inspection systems help companies to maintain the quality of  products, all while protecting the brand’s image and customer loyalty.

Savings on time and resources

Automatic inspection systems can operate at high speed and in alignment with the production process. This saves time and resources that would otherwise be wasted with manual inspection.

Adaptable to different containers

These empty container inspection systems are versatile and can be configured to inspect a wide variety of types and sizes of containers, which makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

At E2M COUTH, we have a wide range of solutions for container processing. The goal is for you to be able to improve the entire production process as a whole, from filling, container orientation, and visual inspection, to marking and labelling, in addition to other functions.

These are the main systems we offer at E2M COUTH

Orientation systems

This system should not be missing on a production line with containers. Its role is to orient containers, such that they are in the correct position for filling or for closing or capping. This orientation system can rotate containers 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Containers can have different shapes and sizes, but this system perfectly adapts to all these aspects.

This system is essential when placing labels on containers. If the container is in the wrong position, the product cannot pass quality controls, which leads to economic losses.

Inspection systems

This system can inspect each one of the containers that go down the production line, analysing different aspects. This system can inspect labels, product levels, caps, glass bottles, empty bottles, text, and more.

These systems are highly important on any production line, since they maintain control and safety if any problem arises during processes along the production line, such as filling, sealing, and labelling, as mentioned earlier.

Rejection systems

Articles may appear along the production line that must be removed or rejected because of imperfections that mean they cannot be sold to the public. This is why E2M COUTH has rejection systems that can analyse and remove any products with problems from the production line.

At E2M COUTH, we have two rejection system solutions. One of them is the impact rejection system, perfect for products that are not delicate. This system removes the article with a blow, taking it off the production line. The other one is a soft deviation rejection system, for fragile products, which gently removes articles to another production line where they can be inspected to see if they can be repaired to be sold.

Marker systems

Another system we have at E2M COUTH is in charge of marking products. This system is important because it allows the company to locate a batch or product with this mark at all times. The system we have works with a laser, providing top quality so that you can find the product at all times.

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The best empty container inspection system  available at E2M COUTH

Artificial vision on production lines is E2M COUTH’s speciality. This is why we have a wide variety of solutions, ranging from visual inspection of containers to marking and orientation. All the devices we have are versatile, which makes it easy to adapt them to many kinds of industries, such as food, pharma, cosmetics, beverage, etc.

Empty container inspection systems are essential for the containers to be in perfect condition before moving onto the next stage in the production process, guaranteeing top quality for the product.

If you want to improve processes at your production plant, you must take the leap and obtain the artificial vision systems we have at E2M COUTH. Additionally, if you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help you.