E2M COUTH introduces new VisioInspect 2.0 vision software

Author: desarrollo
September 14, 2023

E2M COUTH has developed the VisioInspect 2.0 image analysis software with the purpose of offering an even more advanced and comprehensive experience to view defects and statistics in real time.

This new version, the successor to Multiprocess, was created to be an intuitive, highly configurable application with a great degree of precision and adaptability.

VisioInspect 2.0 software has been designed to integrate seamlessly into existing production processes. It also allows users to customise analysis parameters and adapt them to their specific requirements without having to stop or interrupt the inspection process.

Users can also set specific tolerance ranges for each type of defect or imperfection being analysed. This means that the software can clearly distinguish between acceptable limits and unacceptable limits of quality for each packaging characteristic.

This software, along with the equipment designed by E2M COUTH, allows a large number of containers to be inspected and monitored at high speed and statistics to be accessed in real time to make decisions, improve productivity and ensure quality during the manufacturing process.

Therefore, VisioInspect 2.0 has several benefits including:

  • Seamless integration and flexibility
  • Power and precision to detect defects
  • High speed analysis
  • Custom settings
  • Tool tolerance spacing
  • Viewing of statistics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Custom user roles
  • Platform 100% developed and managed by E2M COUTH


Please contact us if you require further information by writing to [email protected]

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