E2M COUTH at Interpack in Messe Düsseldorf

Author: desarrollo
April 26, 2023

The world’s largest trade fair dedicated to the packaging sector will be a meeting point for industry professionals.

Among them is E2M COUTH, which will be exhibiting its machine vision solutions and will show how they adapt to the different sectors present at the fair: beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and chemicals, among others

Our systems, aimed at quality control and improving the efficiency of production lines, include different inspection, orientation, marking and rejection solutions that are adapted according to the sector, the material and/or the application. Among them are the ones we will be showing at Interpack:

∙ VISIOLEVEL: Inspección del nivel y del tapón.

∙ INSPECTLEVEL RF: RF level inspection.

∙ CONTOURVISION 360º: Inspector de etiquetas a 360º.

∙ SCANNER 3D: Sistema de scanner 3D de envases.

¡Os esperamos en el Hall 12 / C75!

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