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October 3, 2022

From July 2024, the EU directive on closures provides for the permanent attachment of closures to PET containers, which we also call the “Solidarity Cap”.

By that date, all fillers in the soft drinks, still water, aseptic beverages and beer sectors in the European Union are obliged to use the solidarity closure in place of the normal closure.

E2M COUTH® has done a webinar in order to show it solutions for quality control of the thetered cap using machine vision systems to comply with the European directive 2019/904.

This webinar was presented by Mr. Edgar Bedolla  the CEO of E2M COUTH®.

If you were not able to attend the webinar on E2M COUTH® solutions for solidarity plug inspection, we leave you the link to the recording on our #YouTube channel.👇👇



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