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In-line 360º label inspection system for non-oriented bottles leads to an integral Quality control of the finished container, with self-learning. This allows the parameters and characteristics that define the correct containers to be fixed in an easy and fast way, these values are subsequently used for the detection of defective ones and to prevent mislabeling erros before launching the product in the market.


  • Vision algorithms developed by E2M, allowing more flexibility.
  • Inspection outside the labeler, on the conveyor without modifying it or integrating with the labeler.
  • The orientation of the packages is not necessary.
  • Compact inspection zone.
  • Intuitive user interface based on Windows
  • Unlimited Formats.
  • Simple and agile format change.
  • Easily configurable.
  • Line technical assistance via remote connection.
  • Registration of all values and errors.
  • Management of external signals.
  • Delivery of signals to the client for a correct integration in their line.
  • Rejection signals for the connection of ejection systems.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Low maintenance cost.

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