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On all production lines, quality is more than an indispensable requirement. Rejection systems are necessary to achieve said quality. Not all products are suitable for sale on the market. Moreover, it is estimated that 2% of the final product are rejected units. There are many reasons why a product may be rejected, which is why E2M COUTH always offers the best systems to help improve your production.

Types of rejection systems available at E2M COUTH

At E2M COUTH, we always want the best and most cutting-edge technology to help you to improve your production. This is why we know that rejection systems are a key part, since they will help you to ensure that all the products sold boast the right quality.

To this end, E2M COUTH offers three different rejection systems. Each one of them can be applied to different kinds of industries. They are:

Why are rejection systems necessary?

Products are made at all factories or in all industries that do not have the best characteristics to reach the end shelf and for a client to purchase it. There are many possible reasons, from receiving a blow, an error in labelling, to other problems that may arise.

With the rejection systems available at E2M COUTH, the mission to dispose of products that do not meet the defined quality standards is much simpler. It is true that some products can be rejected just by looking at them, but there are also other factors, such as defects in caps, lids, and labels, or because the printed codes are incorrect.

These latter factors cannot be detected by the human eye. They need the aid of technology in smart artificial vision inspection systems for proper classification, then a rejection system with our solutions.

Find here the system that fit with your activity sector

Where do you place a rejection system on a production line?

If you are considering installing a rejection system on your production line but do not know where to do so, at E2M COUTH, we can clear up your questions. Rejection systems can be present at all phases of production.

The important thing is to be balanced and considered what products will be going through the rejection system. With this, you can make the best decision and place the system on the part of the line where its work will be most effective to help you to save time.

Advantages of a rejection system on a production line

Now you know what a rejection system on a production line consists of. These kinds of devices have a series of advantages that will positively affect the manufacture process of items. They are:



The rejection systems available at E2M COUTH have a high degree of adaptability to any production line. Depending on the products you are manufacturing, you may decide on one system or another. They can adapt to the width of the conveyor belt, as well as the speed and shape of the product.


Fast and

The rejection systems we have available are capable of working at high speeds. Many times, production lines operate at a high speed because of the products being made. In this case, our systems are capable of analysing these products to perfection to guarantee that they are in proper condition.


You will save time and money

We know that defects can occur on a production line. Our systems are there to detect them. In this regard, you can see which kinds of defects repeat the most often and apply a remedy in the production line phase where said problem occurs the most. With our inspection systems, you can detect common defects. This will make your production improve, saving you time and money by detecting possible defects.



One of the great advantages of the rejection systems we have available at E2M COUTH is that they were designed with materials that make them very easy to clean.


Improved image
with your clients

Having a rejection system means that every product with defects or errors can be discarded. This will make all the products leaving your plant top quality. This means that none of your clients will see that they have received a defective product, thus improving your company’s image.

The best rejection systems are available at E2M COUTH

Rejection systems have become a fundamental part of all production lines. This kind of device is useful to make sure that all the items leaving your factory have the quality your clients require. At E2M COUTH, you can find the best rejection systems, of different types, to adapt to your production line.

What is more, we also have the best equipment for inspecting, orienting, and marking your products. Our goal is for everything to come off your production line correctly and for no product to leave with defects.

If you would like further information on our systems or you have any questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you!

E2M COUTH® has a wide range of solutions by vision system for all sectors production lines in every step of the industrial process:


  • Dosing.
  • Capping/sealing/seaming.
  • Labelling.
  • Marking.
  • Packing.

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