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Marking systems are a key part of every production line. The equipment responsible for marking play an essential role to guarantee the proper traceability of products, as well as the utmost quality. E2M COUTH provides the best marking systems, perfect to optimise and take your production to a higher level.


Find here the system that fit with your activity sector.

The importance of a marking system in a production line

The purpose of using marking systems within a production line is to identify each product, or packaging individually by registering the product. This makes it possible to have clear traceability throughout the packaging’s shelf life. These marking systems have now been integrated into many types of industrial enterprises, thus improving the efficiency of all their processes.

These systems are key to being able to mark the products establishing specifications, the date when it was manufactured or bottled, the product’s serial number, the batch in which it was manufactured, to name a few. Thus, the importance of theses systems is being able to control all your production at all times, being able to act efficiently and quickly in the event of a problem, such as the withdrawal of a batch of products.

Therefore, many products currently undergo a marking system before leaving the production line. From containers and bottles, to within the railway, automobile and aeronautical sectors. What are you waiting for! Incorporate the most efficient marking systems on the market sold by E2M COUTH into your company.

Find out about industrial marking systems

E2M COUTH are specialists in machine vision systems to control all kinds of processes along a production line. One fundamental component is industrial marking systems. Here are the ones that are currently available:

Micropercussion marking

This marking system is one of those used in sectors such as the steel industry, and is applied in the manufacture of products such as gold bars, bars and rolled steel. This type of system works by making a series of deep marks on materials such as metals, metal alloys that are very solid or hard plastics.

This marking system operates by making a series of bangs, thus generating a series of marks. This allows the engraving of different characters, logos or codes, meaning that these parts can be controlled. Some of the noteworthy aspects of these systems is their speed and the ease of putting it into operation.

It also requires practically no maintenance since its only replaceable part is the punch that is responsible for making the marking. This is undoubtedly a great option for industries that work with parts, metal or high hardness materials and that require all their products to be traceable.

Scratch engraving

Another of the marking systems available today are those that involve scratching. Their operation is simple, where a punch pulls along the surface of the piece that is to be traced. These types of systems use significant force during the process. Therefore, the punches used are made of tungsten carbide or diamond, depending on the surface and hardness of the material.

Its most noteworthy points are its great precision and depth it provides during marking, as well as the fact that it generates very little noise during the scratching process. If you require marking that is durable, sharp and top quality, the scratch marking system is what you are looking for in your production line.

Laser marking

This marking system, as its name suggests, uses a laser beam to make engravings on stainless steel, aluminium, copper and even plastics and glass, allowing it to be used to mark containers and bottles. One of the benefits of this type of marking system is that they can work at high-speed levels, quietly and with a high level of readability.

E2M COUTH has an excellent laser marking system, ideal for marking and coding PET and glass bottles along the production line. This system plays a fundamental role in ensuring the traceability of the end product and its quality at all times.

Among the many benefits offered by this marking system for containers and bottles sold by E2M COUTH is being able to work cleanly and quickly, its easy integration into the production line and how it does not use consumables such as ink. It also has different wavelengths and lenses available, allowing you to achieve the most suitable mark for each specific case. All marks created by this system also cannot be damaged or altered, which makes them ideal.

How laser marking systems work

The laser marking systems available at E2M COUTH are key in the packaging and labelling process along production lines using packaging. They operate through the use of a laser beam to mark the material, which causes the energy of the material to create a permanent mark on the container or bottle.

These systems can be controlled, where the force, speed and its focus can be modified, allowing different processes to take place. These systems typically consist of a CO2 or fibre laser engine, a set of scanning heads, and software that controls the entire process. This software allows laser motion systems to be controlled.

The laser device works to emit the beam on a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces, making it possible to generate a permanent mark. This is undoubtedly one of the best options for marking and tracing any container or bottle that comes out of your production line. Choose the laser marking system available at E2M COUTH and find out how all your production can be located and marked in the easiest way possible.

Benefits of using E2M COUTH’S marking systems

There are a number of benefits of using a marking system within your production line. One of the most efficient of these is the one that makes the laser marking and that is used in different types of industries to control the production and to ensure the proper internal and external traceability from its manufacture to its arrival to the end customer. Here are some of the benefits of laser marking:


High durability

One of the main benefits of laser marking systems is the durability offered by the marks. These remain undamaged and suffer no wear over time and remain intact on the products. This is key to ensure correct traceability of the products, both during the production process and once they leave the factory.



We know that laser marking systems can be included in any production line. Therefore, one of the keys is that they are multi-directional, namely, that they can make the marking in any direction, either from bottom to top, or from side to side. This makes it compatible with any type of production.



This type of marking systems can also be adapted to a wide variety of packaging. You can choose different fonts for marking, allowing you to choose the one that best fits the design of the products. This makes it possible for it to be used in the manufacture of different types of products. They also have a high level of adaptability in terms of difficult environments.

Ink marking systems can be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity and dust. Systems that use laser will not be affected at any time, always offering a maximum level of effectiveness during its work.



As we have mentioned before, one of the forms of marking that exists today are those that work with ink. These can be counter-productive, in the sense of not guaranteeing durability, they can be affected by external conditions and using up consumables. In other words, you must be aware of the ink level to prevent the system from coming to a standstill.

In this respect, laser marking systems do not use consumables at any time, doing away with certain maintenance costs as well as the various problems involved with ink-based marking systems.


High productivity

Laser-operated marking systems stand out for their high speed, making the process productive. Their need for very little maintenance ensures minimal operator interventions. This makes it possible for continual operation. While the initial investment may be higher, there is a quick return on investment.



One of the keys to achieving a quality marking and ensuring that products are not affected by it is offering a high level of cleanliness. For this reason, laser marking systems are the best option so that no product can be affected or leave the production line with any damage or stains, which may affect its marketing or the image of the company

It is also a quite effective solution in the food sector thanks to how it eliminates the risks of contamination.

Find the best systems for packaging processing at E2M COUTH

E2M COUTH has the best laser marking systems as well as other systems for packaging processing. These are key within any production process as a whole. Here are the systems we have for the proper processing of your production line:

Inspection systems

These systems, as their name suggests, involve inspecting labels, filling levels, inspection of caps, bottle mouths, etc. They allow you to ensure that any product with any labelling, filling and sealing defect will be detected, where the issue is either resolved or the product discarded.

Rejection systems

Any production line needs to remove any products that have a defect at any time to prevent it from reaching the end-customer.. This ensures that abnormal products can be discarded. E2M COUTH has rejection systems:

  • Impact rejection systems: Perfect for non-fragile products. These are deposited together for subsequent inspection.
  • Soft deviation rejection systems: For products that are fragile. These are gently separated creating another line during production, to be reviewed at a later time.

Orientation systems

It is important for packaging and products to have the perfect orientation for further processing within the production lines. E2M COUTH’s orientation systems are very relevant within every plant, as they are capable of rotating the containers 90, 180 or 270 degrees. This means not having to discard containers or products due to mislabelling or marking.

E2M COUTH has a wide selection of solutions for the industrial sector. All the equipment we sell is versatile, adapting to different sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, industrial, beverages, to name a few.

Our marking systems have a high level of quality and effectiveness, allowing you to have control over your entire production, as well as the traceability of any of your products, regardless of their location.

If you are thinking of introducing E2M COUTH marking systems into your production process or if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us and our expert staff will be glad to help you!

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