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Artificial vision is increasingly found in many industrial sectors. At E2M COUTH, you can find the best vision systems for industries. These are the best solution for manufacturers, distributors, and different suppliers of industrial products. This provides companies with complete control over the entire production process, guaranteeing that the end product leaves in the best condition.





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Why are vision systems necessary for industries?

Companies that work in industrial production also need different solutions to control the different processes on the production line. These artificial vision devices can inspect different products to verify that they have been made correctly. Artificial vision systems work with a series of spectral detection mechanisms that are able to analyse and recognise undesired elements in the product.

Thus, these devices use cameras, sensors, and software that has been made to analyse, detect, and control all elements related to producing and handling industrial products, such as batteries and wiring. This means that, in addition to analysing different product characteristics, they also analyse physical aspects of production to ensure that they meet parameters.

Our vision systems for industries can collect data to draw up detailed reports that the production plant can then use to improve the entire process as a whole. If you work with these artificial vision systems, you can fulfil different safety and quality standards for products.

Discover the reasons why you should have a vision system for industries

In all industries, artificial vision systems can bring a huge improvement to the production process. These are some of the solutions that our devices offer:

  • Package inspection: In the production process, we can see that packaging is a key part of production. With vision systems for industries, you can check each one of the packages to see if there are any issues, if they have been properly labelled, whether their condition is correct, and other related aspects.
  • End product control: With our vision systems for industries, you can guarantee complete control over the entire production process. This way, you can analyse whether labelling is correct, the different distribution areas, and everything related to traceability. This means that you can locate your products at all times when they leave the production plant.

How the vision systems for industries work that we have at E2M COUTH

At all factories, activity takes place quickly. This means that vision systems for industries are necessary in order to process production completely, to ensure that each and every one of the items that leave the plant have the right parameters.

The artificial vision systems we offer have cameras and visual sensors (hardware) to constantly record the condition of the product to be analysed, thanks to the intelligence built into our solutions (software). You can set different parameters so that the systems correctly analyse all your products.

These parameters might include the size of the industrial product, its shape, its packaging, and other aspects. By capturing, processing, and analysing images, you can ensure that all these parameters are met. This way, you can evaluate in a non-intrusive fashion that all the different aspects set by an industrial company are met.

The advantages of having vision systems in your industry

The vision systems available at E2M COUTH can offer a series of advantages to your production plant. They are:



One of the key points of vision systems for industries is that you can analyse the entire production reliably. This means that all products going through the factory are analysed correctly and you can guarantee that they have the right settings. This makes it possible for all products to have proper quality, labelling, and conditions.

This way, companies that work in industrial production and compete on today’s markets, where quality is essential and a fundamental requirement.



One of the benefits of vision systems for industry is that they can adapt to different kinds of tasks. This means that you can configure your vision system for industries to measure different characteristics and parameters, depending on the kind of item you produce.

You can analyse labelling, shape, the presence of foreign objects, product orientation, and more. This way, depending on the items you produce and the parameters you set, you can choose between different artificial vision systems.



Speed is a relevant aspect at all factories to reach a good production level. Both operation and analysis with our vision systems for industries can easily adapt to large production volumes.

Time is a very important factor at a factory. There are processes that can entail huge production increases by accelerating by a mere second. This kind of system can work quickly, so you can guarantee a good quality level without causing delays in production.



Another great advantage provided by the vision systems for industry we have at E2M COUTH is that they are flexible. This means that you can install these devices anywhere on the production line. What is more, when controlling these systems, you do not need to worry about training your employees, since they have auxiliary calculation systems to complete the most complex part of product analysis.



In industrial production, we can see that items may have issues for clients if they are not made under quality parameters. With the vision systems for industries that we have, you can detect any problem or error occurring during production. This means that you can guarantee that all products that leave your plant are free from all errors, such as improper labelling, for example. 



With the vision systems for industries at E2M COUTH, you can control defects in your products at all times. This means that you can avoid having to throw out different products, which reduces the waste produced at your plant. What is more, these systems also detect these flaws and make it possible to not repeat them, which helps you as a company to resolve the issue.

This also entails economic savings for the company. You can also avoid certain brand image issues related to the quality of your products and the problems they entail.

Find the best systems for product processing at E2M COUTH

At E2M COUTH, we have the best vision systems for industries, so that companies can ensure rigorous quality control for each one of the products they make. We also have a great variety of solutions for each stage of the industrial process that can adapt to different sectors, like industry.

Our objective is to help producers to improve the production process as a whole, making it so that processes can be completed the best way possible before reaching the consumer. The different artificial vision systems available include:

Inspection systems

At E2M COUTH, you can find a wind range of inspection systems for production lines, recommended for many kinds of sectors like industry. These devices can inspect different elements, such as labelling, product encoding, packaging in poor condition, total text inspection, and more.

In the event that an error has occurred during production, our systems can detect and correct it. This means that you have extra efficiency at your plant to prevent problems like these form occurring during the production process.

Marker systems

Vision systems for industries also include systems to mark products. These systems allow the company to control and locate production at all times, which can be important if a product batch needs to be recalled. At E2M COUTH, we have different marker systems that use laser technology and can mark and encode a wide variety of products. This means that you can easily locate all your products.


Orientation systems

On all production lines, it is crucial that products or containers be properly positioned throughout the entire process. Our orientation systems are the best tool to make it possible for all your products to be properly placed during the production process. These systems are capable of moving the container or product 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Rejection systems

We know that, at all factories, different products may appear that have flaws or defects that may be removed from the production line. This is where the rejection systems available at E2M COUTH come in. They can detect any problem and remove the product. This way, you can check it later to decide whether they can be used again or need to be discarded.

Some of the artificial vision devices for product rejection we have available are push systems, used for products that are not fragile and that must be immediately removed. We also have gentle deviation rejection systems, designed for products that are more fragile. These devices create a new line in parallel to the production line, separating them from the products that are correct.


Get the best vision systems for industries at E2M COUTH

On all production lines, vision systems for industries are a fundamental part for all factories who want their products to be top quality. Increased competition has led companies to lean into artificial vision as a solution for correct inspection and review of different product aspects so that they leave in perfect condition.

All artificial vision systems stand out with the great versatility they offer at all factories in different sectors, like the industrial sector. When you implement this kind of system, you can put an end to many problems, like product condition, proper labelling, and proper measurements. These are all essential factors on the market today.

If you want to take the leap and reach a higher quality level in your production, improving all processes at your factory, you can contact us and we will help you to find the best artificial vision solution by adapting to your situation.

E2M COUTH® has a wide range of solutions by vision system for industrial sector in every step of the industrial process.

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