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October 17, 2022

The purpose of vision systems on labelling process

The main uses of vision systems in quality control are to determine if the bottles’s labels are within specification, establish the correct sequence for labels, detect damaged labels parts, identify mismatched or missing label elements, find problems with dimensions, and finally, detect if bottles are within specification. If you’re looking to improve your labelling process by adding a label inspection system, don’t forget to consider it benefits. They can facilitate increased production rates, reduced label defects, and streamlined order fulfillment.


Traditional label inspection system/Challenges of inspection for non-oriented cylindrical bottles.

Labeling cylindrical, non-oriented bottles can lead to defects if the production speed or labelling equipment is faulty. Because labels are positioned in random locations, traditional vision systems are unable to detect errors on the entire surface of these containers.

In fact, a traditional label inspection system with one or two cameras is not able to detect the entire surface of the label, hence the need for a solution that consists of a total coverage of the label regardless of its orientation.

The 360º label inspection system is the perfect quality control solution for cylindrical bottles.

E2M COUTH® has developed a 360° label control system to resolve these issues with cylindrical bottles. The CONTOURVISION label inspection device is used to monitor non-oriented bottles in a 360-degree manner. This device monitors the label in a 360-degree manner to ensure the accuracy of the container. The characteristics and settings of the container are set in a quick, simple manner in the beginning. In the end, defects are detected by comparing the settings to the characteristics and settings of correct containers. The format is also easy to program in a self-learning manner.

To know more about our label inspectors , please see the data sheet of our two equipments:

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