COUTH® makes the leap to Industry 4.0 with the acquisition of the Barcelona-based company E2M.

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September 26, 2022

With the closing of the transaction last week, COUTH, a company located in Hernani, specialized in industrial marking and traceability, with presence in 66 countries, reaches a staff of one hundred people, with an expected group turnover of 20 million euros by 2022.
The operation allows COUTH to expand its offer of integrated solutions for the improvement of production processes in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, oil & gas, beverages, food and pharmaceuticals.
Hernani, January 11, 2021 – The industrial group COUTH, leader in industrial marking and traceability located in Hernani, has just closed the purchase of the Catalan company E2M, specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial process sensorization systems using artificial vision.

For José Antonio Erdozia, CEO of COUTH, this step confirms that, “We continue with our strategic expansion plan, initiated in 2016, creating an industrial group that grows in areas of high added value and with a future. The incorporation of E2M allows us to enter the market for the development of intelligent solutions and systems to improve the efficiency of production processes.”

A strategic plan,” says José Antonio Erdozia, “based on strengthening COUTH’s relevance and its position worldwide in the field of industrial traceability through percussion and laser technologies, as well as the implementation of its own subsidiaries in countries such as Germany, Mexico and China”.

With this operation, COUTH advances in its expansion plan in areas of high added value and future, and goes from having 61 people on staff to integrate the hundred workers and a forecast turnover of 20 million euros in 2022.

E2M is a company founded in Barcelona in 1993 specialized in the design, manufacture and maintenance of artificial vision equipment and systems for the quality control of 100% of the production in mass production lines. Leader in machine vision systems in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical sectors, the company currently exports 60% of its production and is present in more than 40 countries.

The integration of E2M in COUTH allows the group to strengthen its range of high value-added solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of production processes, combining leading systems in industrial traceability with machine vision sensorization and the development of artificial intelligence systems, through data analytics and deep learning.

Likewise, the operation allows to expand and diversify the activity of the industrial group from Guipuzcoa and offer integrated solutions in sectors such as: food, beverages and pharmaceuticals, which are added to the current ones in which they are present such as automotive, aeronautics, railroad and oil & gas, among others.

COUTH, which started its activity in 1954, is a specialist in industrial marking and traceability with a presence in 66 countries, to which it exports 84% of its turnover.

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